Report #1


Research Report April 2014

Cefaly is a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) device. When used as directed, it is claimed that Cefaly prevents migraine attacks. Published studies provide some support for the claim and raises issue of Cefaly causing brain-related side effects. Users of Cefaly should exercise caution and communicate any bothersome side effect to their physicians.

Cefaly Background »

Questions regarding the safety of applying up to 16 mAmp of electrical current, for 20 minutes daily, directly over the frontal cortex of the brain remain to be answered. In depth review of this issue is covered in a dedicated section.

Cefaly: Is it safe? »

To add to our understanding of Cefaly and to discover any unexpected effects, an on-going DIRW? study aims to discover the true experience of the actual Cefaly users.

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